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DEUTZ AG Annual Report 2023

Head of Digital Projects, Central Sales at DEUTZ

Damian, you are keen to point out that FUSIONHUB is a non-captive solution. Why is that important?

Damian Weckmann: We want any company in any industry to be able to sign up, whether OEM, fleet operator, or tire manufacturer. FUSIONHUB is an open and straightforward system.

How might FUSIONHUB benefit a tire manufacturer, for example?

Damian Weckmann: It will enable the manufacturer to offer its customers tires that always work reliably. The mining industry, for example, uses machines with huge tires. If such a tire is used at too low a pressure, it is only a matter of time before it wears down more than the others and possibly even bursts. Tire manufacturers that use FUSIONHUB can monitor every tire and ensure it is serviced, repaired, or replaced in time.

How does a FUSIONHUB customer use the service on a day-to-day basis?

Damian Weckmann: Much like an app on their smartphone. If a company has a fleet of vehicles featuring engines from different manufacturers, for example, then it can order an app, just like in an app store, to gain more insights into its DEUTZ engines. The app gives the user easy access to digital information and recommendations on what to do and which spare part is needed in the event of a fault or a maintenance visit.