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DEUTZ AG Annual Report 2023

A digital efficiency booster

The FUSIONHUB digital ecosystem offers significant customer benefits while giving our digital service business a boost

THANKS TO OUR SERVICE PLATFORM, users can see the status of their networked machines at any time.

The digital services provided by DEUTZ aim to keep our customers’ engines and machinery working reliably. We are responding to customer demand that is steadily growing, with €6 million in new orders received in the first year.

Rather than just focusing on engines alone, FUSIONHUB expands our service offering to include the monitoring of entire machines. The FUSIONHUB digital ecosystem gives users a detailed overview of the condition of their networked machinery, around the clock and in real time. We have joined forces with Essen-based IoT start-up talpasolutions on this innovative service. The intelligent telematics tool facilitates the monitoring and maintenance of machinery. Examples of the information provided by the user-friendly dashboards include the location, running time, capacity utilization, and fuel consumption of each machine, whether the oil levels and coolant temperatures are ok, and which part will need servicing and when.

This is of great benefit to our customers, as digital monitoring avoids unplanned downtime, thus maximizes uptime, and optimizes machine performance. It also avoids many repairs becoming necessary. And if there is a defect, repairs are usually much quicker to complete as service technicians can use digital remote diagnostics to determine which fault needs to be fixed and which tools or parts they will need. This industrial intelligence solution saves time and money, increases capacity utilization, and extends the machines’ useful life, which in turn conserves resources and has a positive impact on customers’ environmental footprint. FUSIONHUB meets a growing demand in the market and opens up new business models for DEUTZ and its partners.