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DEUTZ AG Annual Report 2021

Powering up!

DEUTZ builds engines with capacities of between nine and 18 liters for particularly demanding applications. They provide the power needed in the quarry, for example, or when chopping up tree trunks.

Some tasks require that little bit extra, which is why the DEUTZ range includes engines with capacities of between nine and 18 liters. Some of the first high-powered DEUTZ engines are already proving their worth at BBurg and Doppstadt, as well as their efficiency, as the engine specialist has reduced the fuel costs and total operating costs to an absolute minimum for its customers. In addition, the TCD 9.0 and TCD 18.0 have the advantage of meeting the EU Stage V, USA Tier 4, and China IV emission standards, which are the strictest in the world.

BBurg, based in Germany’s Brandenburg region, manufactures blast hole drilling equipment for use on building sites and in quarries and mines. Generating approximately 260 kW, the water-cooled TCD 9.0 engine offers the necessary power to cut through even the most solid rock, and is used in the BBurg HD 1400 D down-the-hole drill rig, for example.

Doppstadt DH 910 SA chipper, BB HD 1400 D down-the-hole drill rig

When it comes to chopping tree trunks with a diameter of almost one meter, the TCD 18.0 shows what it’s made of. The Doppstadt Group, based in the German town of Velbert, builds machines for the environmental technology sector, such as shredders and screening equipment that allow material and energy to be recovered from waste wood and other waste. To see if it had enough power to shred the wood from tough tree trunks, the 623 kW engine was put to the test in the Doppstadt DH 910 SA.

“In the upper output range, DEUTZ engines with capacities between nine and 18 liters offer customers efficient solutions for the most demanding applications.”

Dipl. Ing. Gerald Leyh

Program Management, DEUTZ AG