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DEUTZ AG Annual Report 2021

The dawn of a new era

The DEUTZ DAYS are all about sustainable drive systems. The engine manufacturer is looking to the future by focusing on green technologies.

Whether airside, on a construction site, or in agriculture, DEUTZ has the right engine for every customer and every application. The Company presented its innovative drive solutions at the DEUTZ DAYS in November 2021. Customers, analysts, investors, and journalists were all invited to learn about and test new solutions during the four-day trade event.

“In the future, every ‘e-construction site’ will feature a rapid charging infrastructure. Powertree is the professional charging solution made by DEUTZ, and our contribution to a smaller carbon footprint.”

Dipl. Ing. Joachim Joisten-Pieritz

Research and Development, DEUTZ AG

The focus of the event was on carbon-neutral drive systems for off-highway applications. DEUTZ is pressing ahead with the switch to green drive technologies to help achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. “At DEUTZ, we know how new technologies are making engines better, cleaner, and more efficient. As a leading innovator in our industry, we are shaping the dawn of a new era of sustainable drive technologies,” says Dr. Ing. Markus Müller, Chief Technology Officer at DEUTZ.

First all-electric crawler crane unveiled

Making its debut was the CC 1485, the first crane by Japanese manufacturer Maeda to be equipped with an electric drive from DEUTZ. The vehicle is fitted with a 360-volt drive powered by a lithium-ion battery. With an output of 40 kW, this zero-emission construction-site vehicle has a load capacity of six tonnes. DEUTZ plans to enter full production as early as 2023. “Environmentally friendly construction sites are now a reality, not a distant dream. The CC 1485 is already fully functional. Our electric drive is quiet, efficient, and emission-free, even when used on a building site,” says Müller.

Power supply infrastructure is key when it comes to using green drive systems, which is why DEUTZ is developing and manufacturing not only drive systems but also rapid-charging stations such as the Powertree from E-DEUTZ. Installed in a robust container, the Powertree can easily be transported to where it is needed for easy charging of electric construction vehicles. Thanks to its charging capacity of up to 150 kW it can rapidly charge equipment during the operator’s lunch break.

Embracing green technologies: The DEUTZ Board of Management explains its roadmap for carbon-neutral drive solutions.

Strategic partnership with Blue World Technologies

DEUTZ considers the market for mobile power generators, known as gensets, to be highly attractive, which is why the engine manufacturer has agreed a strategic partnership with Danish fuel cell specialist Blue World Technologies. The exclusive distribution and service agreement covers stationary fuel cell generators.

“E-DEUTZ provides DEUTZ with a solid foundation for a zero-emission future. Futavis’ expertise in batteries and battery management is furthering the development of sustainable drives.”

Dr. Jens Bockstett

Managing Director, Futavis

By acquiring a stake in the company, DEUTZ is taking the next step in its sustainability strategy: Blue World Technologies employs green methanol as an energy source, from which it first extracts hydrogen and then, in a second step, generates electrical energy in the fuel cell. The gensets with an output of up to 15 kW can be used to extend cellphone networks, for example. Full production is scheduled to start in 2024.

It’s all in the mix

As an innovative engine manufacturer, DEUTZ firmly believes that global carbon emissions can only be reduced by using an intelligent mix of technologies. Electric drives are not going to replace conventional engines overnight, especially in the power range above 100 kW. For these types of off-highway applications, DEUTZ is focusing on synthetic fuels, hybrid drive systems, and hydrogen engines. Its TCG 7.8 H2 engine with an output of 200 kW will enter full production in 2024 and will facilitate the faster, climate-friendly industrialization of off-highway applications in the medium term.

“At DEUTZ we know how new technologies are making engines better cleaner and more efficient.”


Member of the Board of Management, responsible for research and development, purchasing, and production, DEUTZ AG

In August 2021, DEUTZ approved its entire diesel engine portfolio for use with paraffinic fuels. This means that alternative fuels can now also be used to run DEUTZ engines that meet the EU Stage V emissions standard. At the same time, DEUTZ has approved the majority of its latest-generation engines for biodiesel blends of up to 30 percent. The use of these alternative fuels significantly reduces the carbon footprint of DEUTZ’s engines and raises the prospect of running engines on a carbon neutral basis in the future. By downsizing the TCD 5.2 from six to four cylinders, DEUTZ has cut fuel consumption and thus further reduced emissions while maintaining high output.

Presenting the Powertree: Dr. Ing. Markus Müller, member of the Board of Management, responsible for research and development, purchasing, and production, DEUTZ AG.

DEUTZ presents green strategy

At the Capital Markets Day on November 17, 2021, the DEUTZ Board of Management provided analysts and investors with an insight into the Company’s growth strategy and its new reporting structure. The engine manufacturer will continue to expand its sustainable drive technologies and group them in the new ‘Green’ segment from 2022 onward. This will enable the Company to provide the capital markets with even greater transparency. The Green segment includes electric drives and the activities of the subsidiary Torqeedo and the battery management specialist Futavis. It also includes hydrogen drives and any strategic investments in this area, for example in Blue World Technologies. In 2021, the Green segment generated revenue of €54 million, accounting for around 3 percent of total revenue.

Besides electricity, hydrogen is a key technology on our way to climate-neutral mobility.