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DEUTZ AG Annual Report 2021

DEUTZ is going green

The era of fossil fuels is coming to an end, but the need for mobility will remain. CEO Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte is driving DEUTZ’s transition to green engines.


Dr. Schulte, DEUTZ unveiled its first market-ready hydrogen engine in 2021. Is this the dawn of a new era for the company?

The world of engines is changing rapidly and radically. Ever since the company was founded, DEUTZ has been synonymous with renewal, pioneering spirit, and excellence. We continually strive to make our engines better, cleaner, and more efficient. Our hydrogen engine is yet another milestone. We are now presented with a unique oppor­tunity that DEUTZ can and will seize. Our ambition is to play an active role in driving and shaping the transition to green engines. DEUTZ is going green.


What does that mean specifically?

From 2022, all business activities connected with non-diesel drives will be assigned to the ‘Green’ segment. This will allow us to make our progress toward carbon-neutral drive systems for off-highway applications even more transparent for the capital markets.


What role will partnerships and investee companies play in this?

Step by step, we are adding alternative drive systems, such as hydrogen engines and electric and hybrid drives, to our product range in order to achieve our goal. This is where we are benefiting from the expertise of electric engine manufacturer Torqeedo and battery specialist Futavis, which are both part of the DEUTZ Group. By acquiring a stake in Blue World Technologies, a Danish developer and manufacturer of methanol-based fuel cells, we have gained expertise in stationary power generators and access to new attractive markets.

“We are now presented with a unique opportunity that DEUTZ can and will seize.”

Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte



Is this the end of the road for the diesel engine

Not at all. Internal combustion engines will be in demand in off-highway applications for many years to come due to the considerable performance requirements in this segment. We are a global leader in agricultural machinery and construction equipment, and more of our customers are showing interest in long-term partnerships with us. Thanks to developments such as downsizing and the approval of engines for alternative fuels and biodiesel blends, we are continually reducing emissions. In our view, the best way of meeting our climate targets is to embrace new technologies.